Thursday, September 8, 2011

I love you now

I can be your one and only
I want to be your one only
I want to be able to hold you through pain and tears
I want to, but I can't...
...You won't let me.

And believe me
When I say it's hard to stay as friends
'Coz my heart sinks when I see your smile
And my tears are threatening to drown my world
Why can't you look at me?

A man that falls in love
A woman that already said "I love you"
The end of this story is still unknown
There is still place for some sunshine.

But you look away now
Your heart beats like always
And I don't know 
How much time I can spend looking only at you.

There is a person that awaits for me
That said "I love you" out of the blue
That follows me quietly step by step
Clinging onto me
Not leaving me when the storms threaten my life...
Loving me like there's no tomorrow.

And tell me
How can I keep go on?
How can I keep ignore him?
How can I not see his smile?
How can I not feel his fire that is melting the block of ice that's between us?

I am a woman in love
You are a man confused
Blinded by the lights of your own world.
Now the sky is getting dark
The rain that started made me open my eyes
I am...a woman that was in love.

I ran to him
He smiled.
Footsteps followed close by.
You were drenched
You smiled too.

"I love you now"
The whisper travelled to me
Like struck lightning 
I looked at you to see the truth.

"You should go
You love him too"
I heard you say with that silly smile of yours.

Where to?
Who is he?
Where can I go when the end of my road is in your arms?

"I love you now..."

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