Monday, September 5, 2011


It is that hard to believe that my sky is actually blue right now?
No smoke at the horizont announces the end of the world, no bitchy words make my world go spinning. It's sunny out here...finally, I could say.
No dream came true, no wish upon a shooting star came to life. 
I'm no child. Not anymore. I learned how to fly without my useless wings.
My world began shinning, even if it's just for me. For me, this piece of paper is my world, that corner of the house is my kingdom. The outside world doesn't affect me anymore, 'cuz now I smile and I'm crying anymore.

A dream.
A beautiful dream.
The silver light kisses my skin.

"I will protect you until the end of this world,"you whispered in the night that folowed my nightmare.

Your skin so sweet, your lips so soft...kisses from a butterfly I have received.
I couldn't believe. It was like an illusion came to life, embracing me.
I couldn't believe it. And yet you were there, giving me your warmth, your unending love.

"Love, obsession equals love,"smirked the shodow of the devil.

The siren of the ambulance...
A world of noises comes to silence and hides itself under the gentleness of a pair of broken dreams. They are cold and yet the love that springs from the dead coldness makes you wonder. Why am I still here? How can I still take all of this?
The siren of ambulance...
The sounds are clear right now. This isn't right...why am I still standing here?

"Somebody take me away...somebody take me away, 'coz I can't take this pain..."


And slowly the last breath draws closer and closer.
You promissed. You promissed you would protect me until the end of this world. 
Where are you now, when the darkness of the end grows nearer?
My world is getting close to its destruction...
Where are you?

"My lil' angel...come embrace me,"whispered the warm shadow.

"When we will be born in the next world, I won't let you escape, I'll look for you and I'll make up for leaving earlier...I'll LOVE you like you LOVED me all that time..."

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