Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 21. Just Missed You

Seung Hyun’s POV
I looked at the empty room and sighed. And for the nth time I went to the kitchen and came back because it was empty. I cleaned all in the house and around the house, I washed the dirty clothes with the washing machine, I washed the floors and took off the dust, I did it all…I did all I could to keep my mind from what happened. But I couldn’t run away forever. It wasn’t like she went shopping or something like that. She was in the hospital and the truth is that I was too coward to go visit her.
Because I was afraid of her secret.
And plus, everyone was there, making a fuss about what happened.
The front door opened and the sound reached my ear, making me sit on the sofa. I was not going to be cought off guard. Few seconds later, Daesung entered the living rom with a sad expression.
“Oh, here you are,”he sad beside me.
“You cleaned the house,”he observed. “Ra Nae would probably mock you about this,”he then smiled.
Finally I decided that I should just go for it, take the risk and ask. “So, how is she?”
He sighed and his sad expression reappeared. “I don’t know. They won’t let us in her ward.”
“Why?”I heard my voice which seemed a little angry.
“I don’t know,”Daesung shrugged. “Only her grandpa can go in. The doctor’s orders!”
“So…what are you all doing at the hospital?”
“GD left for work and so did Seugri. I will leave for Sydney this afternoon, so there aren’t many there. Only Hyun Seung, Taeyang and grandpa Han. And they are all waiting in the hallway, apart from grandpa who enters to check up on Ra Nae. But from what he said, she didn’t woked up yet.”
“Oh…I see,”I mumbled, looking down at my feet.
“I have to go. Grandpa said that he will call to check up on you and to give you more information about Ra Nae,”he stood and walked out, leaving me there on the couch. But grandpa Han never called nor have the guys come back home. I cooked that stupid veggie stew and ate it.
“Why don’t you add more salt in the stew? I will be more delicious,”I remember that I once asked her during dinner.
“Salt ain’t healthy for you, because it keeps the water in your body,”she shook her head. “And you need to sweat in order to get slimer.”
I threw the spoon on the table. It was frekin’ annoying to eat all alone! Having no one to quarell with or having no one to supervise you to eat all that was on your plate. So, what should I do to kill the boredom?
And so did Choi Seung Hyun the incredible thing off going jogging all alone…
But I couldn’t stand it for too long…
“Tempo! Why are you here?”Hyun Seung raised his head from his manga book.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everyone was reading or playing on their phone. Was I the only idiot that was worrying there?!
“How’s the monster?”
“I can hear you, you know,”a weak voice came to us through the slightly opened door.
“Yo, how’s life in hospital for a monster like you?”I immediately calmed down when I heard her voice.
“Pretty good. Much better than at home where I have to watch over a fatto like you,”she laughed. “C’mon in. why are you waiting there, outside?”
Hyun Seung frowned. “Why he? I waited here since we brought you to the hospital!”
“Pororo, you’re still a bird!”she mocked him. “I want to speak to him. You can come in later.”
I pushed the door and then close it behind me. I looked at her and sighed. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined her to be. There were no tubes and no strange machines to make strange sounds.
“Yo,”I greeded her.
“Where are the oranges?”she looked at me with her big eyes.
Oranges?”I repeated confused.
“When a person is in the hospital, shouldn’t you bring some fruits? Or flowers?”
“Oh…I’m sorry. I’ll bring some next time.”
She stared at me and then began laughing.
“What?”my eyes widened.
“You’re one strange fellow, Choi Seung Hyun!” And she continued laughing by her own, leaving me all confused. “So, why are you really here for? ‘Coz I won’t believe you if you tell me that you missed me?”
I remained quite. Actually…
“So? What happened? Did you set fire to the house?”
I shook my head.
“Did you ate only ramyun?”
I shook my head.
“I know! I know!”she clapped her hands. “You drank some beer and you feel guilty now!”
Again, I shook my head.
“Then what happened?”
I shurugged. “I just…missed you,”I admitted in a childish way.

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