Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 26. I'll Take Care Of Your Lil' Sister

Seung Hyun’s POV
“W-what?!”I whispered in the darkness of the corridor.
“She’s my little sister and I can’t stand to see her suffering like that,”I heard Hyun Seung’s voice once again. “I will tell her! I’ll tell her and then I’m going to make father take her back!”
“Oh yeah?”grandpa’s voice was heard from inside. “And how will you do that?”
Silence. So…S-so Ra Nae’s family was…alive? She was not an orphan? And Hyun Seung and grandpa were her real relatives too? What kind of wicked plan were those two having?
“I don’t know how, but I will find a solution! It’s time for this game to stop!”
“Hyun Seung, you know that your father is going ballistic whenever you talk about Ra Nae,”grandpa spoke calmly. “There’s no way you can do what I couldn’t during all these years that passed. He doesn’t want to be reminded that he has a daughter as well. It’s that simple. And you won’t change his mind that easily! So calm down and stop yelling. Plus, these guys are important:Tempo is helping her get over her pain and sufferings, while the others…well, Taeyang will make a good husband for her when the time comes.”
I quickly moved away from the door and entered my bedroom. Actually, the bedroom that I was sharing with Ra Nae…why was my blood boiling in my veins? Why was I feeling like I could punch the old man right in the face? And why was so perfect Taeyang to be her future husband? Apart from those muscles and perfect denture, he hand nothing else! Oh yeah! Money! But nothing else!
I looked at the old wallpaper that was staring at me like he was provoking me.
“What?”I glared at my old images. I was like he was asking why was I so against Taeyang. “I’ve got the looks too!”I lifted the t-shirt and looked at my toned body in the huge mirror that was on the inside of the closet’s door. “I’ve got the money too! Well…actually, she has my money. But I’ve got the brain as well!”
“Why are you talking to yourself?”asked Hyun Seung from the doorstep.
I glared at him. “Enter! And close the door behind you,”I said.
He raised his eyebrow, but did what I told him. “What’s up?”
“Why doesn’t your father want to take Ra Nae in?”I asked while looking outside the window at the sky that was getting darker.
“I know. So there’s no point in trying to lie to me. So tell me, why doesn’t your father like Ra Nae?”I turned towards him.
He blinked away his shock and sat on the bed. “I don’t know how you found out or what are you trying to find out by asking me this, but I will tell you anyway,”he played with his fingers. “My father met my mother when he was in the middle school. They went together to high school and eventually formed a couple. But my father went into the army and meanwhile, my mother married another man, a former classmate of them. After hearing the news, my father tried to kill himself, but grandpa stopped him and to help him out, he send my father to Japan, to work at the branch company,”Hyun Seung let his family’s past get out from his memories. “But my mother’s husband died when she was pregnant with Ra Nae and she left for Japan, where she met father again. They got married even though my mother was pregnant with another man’s child. My father loved her too much to let her leave his life once again. But after giving birth to Ra Nae, mother became weaker and weaker…”
“Wait, I don’t understand something,”I spoke, making him look at me. “Where do you know all this from? Are you really Ra Nae’s brother? ‘Coz the way you’re talking sounds like you were there…”
“I was. I’m older than Ra Nae with 4 years. And I am my father and mother only child. My mother had me while dad was in the army, but she never told him about it. Only later, after they got married he found out about me. Pretty crazy, huh?”
I looked at his face. His smile was bitter and his eyes were red. Those memories were painful for him.
“Long story short, mother died 2 years after giving birth to Ra Nae. My father blamed Ra Nae for her death and gave her away to an orphanage. My grandfather was the one that always kept an eye on her, taking care of her from afar. That was until the accident…”
I looked outside. It was dark and silent. “And do you think you have any chances to make your father change his mind about her?”
He shook his head. “No. He didn’t listen to grandpa either. What power could I have in front of him?”
“Does Ra Nae know? About you being her brother?”
Again, he shook his head. “Grandpa thinks that we should wait a lil’ longer. So don’t tell her, ok?”
I nodded. “Why don’t you approve Taeyang as Ra Nae’s future husband?”
“So now you eavesdropping?”
“Just answer.”
“Because the guy is way too…too…I don’t even know how to explain it! He’s too into my sister! Satisfied?”
I continued to look at the darkness outside. I admit, I was smiling from ear to ear. It was the craziest idea, but I liked it! It was going to be fun…beating Taeyang…
“How about I enter the competition as well?”I finally spoke.
“How about I enter the competition and win over Taeyang?”
“Hmmm…I don’t know. I don’t like you that much either,”he fixed me with his doe like eyes.
“I know that!”I laughed. “But tell me, who would you prefer to see Ra Nae going out? Me? Or Taeyang?”
He didn’t took much to think about it. “Neither.”
“Then it’s settled! I’ll enter the competition as well,”I smiled widely. “Don’t worry, Hyun Seung,”I patted his shoulder. “Everything will be ok! Trust me! I’ll take care of your lil’ sister!”
“That’s why I’m afraid off…”

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