Monday, May 21, 2012

Fingers All Over My Piano

The sweet melody that's running through my veins. No, it's not the blood's song nor my soul's pleading.
The past that pressed the keyboard of the old piano...
The flame that consumes me inside-out...
The thoughts that never crossed my mind are now putting me through Hell. Of water. Of silence. Of unspoken words. Is there really no end? No end to this suffering? No end to this crying? No end at all?! When will I stop looking behind and start seeing that the present me is the weak spectrum of the future me? Of the stronger me? Of the soulless me?
And sometimes, I wish I had a sponge and wipe off all the dust from the blackboard of my heart...

I'm strong. I know I am. I can feel it inside of me, that power of letting go. But I have to work hard in order not to regret what I do. 'Coz I shouldn't even blink when I'm turning my back, show my middle finger and step inside the rain of ashes. I will be strong...

And it smells off burned bodies. And I look behind. All that darkness that follows me doesn't allow me to see it. The wrong I did, the bad I left, the things that remained behind me-all scattered and broken by time.
Time...please speak to me in this endless void that covers my sleepless eyes. Please tell me that I was right...that I will never look back and regret letting go.

And the piano plays one last melody as the lines appear on the white sheet of paper. everything is written from the heart.

"I walked away so that you can live better..."

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  1. Stii tu ce ai facut aici? You've just described the Abyss. It is not different from mine, or at least not that different. I always say never to be afraid of it. Are you?