Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 22. Run

Ra Nae’s POV
I looked at him shocked by his simple response. But then, well I just snapped back to my normal self. “You don’t say,”my smile just spread on my face. “You must be really lonely without that photo,”I continued as I opened the nightstand’s drawer and picked up the photo. “Here!”I tossed it to him. “You can keep it! Just don’t lie to me like that.”
He looked at the photo that fell on the blanket. Someone inside of me was praying so that he would leave it there. But guess what? It never happened! As I knew it will be, he picked it up and looked at it attentively.
“Is this…really her?”he mumbled.
I sighed and looked at the window. “You know that I won’t tell you anything about it till the very end of the contract. Why do you keep pushing it?”
He approached the nightstand and put the photo on it, face down. “You can have it. My wife was never like that,”his words resonated inside of me, hitting my heart like the crashing waves of the ocean. “So, why did you collapse back there?”
I turned towards him. His eyes were truthfull. Could he handle my secret? Could I handle knowing that someone else apart me and grandpa Han would know about it? Could I trust him?
“I think I overdid it a little,”I finally replied. No, it was not the time not the place to make such a confession. It could wait…a little longer at least.
“I sorry.”
“Yah, fatto! You’re apologizing awfully often lately,”I smirked. “Did you got struck by lightning while I was away or what?”
He shook his head while he took a sit on the chair next to my bed. “Really now, Ra Nae! I think it’s partly my fault. I’m sorry for being such a clutz…”
“Ehhhhh?! This is not like you, fatto! Speaking words like those you used earlier…you must have missed me terribly,”I tried to joke in order to hide my shock away. He said my real name after all and not that silly nickname he gave me! “So tell me, what have you been doing this time I was away? I bet you ate everything from the fridge!”
He stuck out his tongue, looking like a silly high schooler for a moment. “”No, I did not do such a thing! I tried my best to stick to the program you made for me. I ate the veggie stew, I jogged, I did the errands for grandpa Han, I washed all the clothes that were in the bathroom and I…I really did my best to keep it up with your demands!”
I laughed at his statement. “Really? Then it’s all good. I was afraid that I was going to meet with a fatter fatto,”I yawned.
“Ra Nae?”
The sleeping pills were making me lose contact with reality more often now. “Hmmmm?”I asked, keeping my eyes closed.
“Thank you,”I heard him saying through the fog of my sleepy head.
Later. He was going to be trustworthy later…Later.

Grandpa Han’s POV
“So, I see everyone gathered here again. I hope you do take all of this very seriously,”I spoke as I brought the board in from behind the sofa. The guys just watched my movement. I could clearly see which one was the most interested one:Taeyang. He barely breathe while I placed the board against the wall. The other ones…well, honestly speaking, every single one of them had a reason for answering to my add. I knew that and they knew that. And with time, they will let the others know as well. “So, this month’s winner is…DONG YOUNG BAE!”I announced.
The named one jumped on his two feet and started dancing like crazy around, wearing that goofy’s smile on his lips.
“B-but…why?”spoke Daesung. “I did my best too! And so did Seungri! And so did GD!”
“Actually, I didn’t,”laughed GD. “ ‘Congrats shrimp!”he causually smiled to Taeyang before leaving the living room. “I’m going to take a nap…”
“Will you sit down already? You’re annoying!”snapped Hyun Seung from his corner. Taeyang threw his butt on the hard floor.
“So, why did he win?”asked Seungri.
“Because he was the daring one. He was bold and he knows why he’s here,”I answered as I put the board back to it’s original place.
“But he’s motive is identical with ours! It’s no fair the way you judged all of this! He kissed her! Against her will!”
I shrugged. “I never said that my jugdment will be fair. I’m just putting down what I see. And what I saw in him I liked. But, saying that you all have the same reason for coming here, don’t you think it’s all a big, fat lie?”
The all looked at me, probably not understanding one word from what I was saying.
“When will you admit it to yourself?”

Ra Nae’s POV
I went back home and found a clean place, smelling off veggie soup.
“I’m home!”I called from the corridor as I took off my shoes. I heard footsteps stomping towards me. A pink apron appeared in front of me. “W-what’s that?”
Me. Making dinner. You’re just in time!”fatto dragged me all the way to the kitchen. “I think I messed something up. I can’t seem to make it taste like yours,”he bustled around me. “What should I do? What should I do?”
I burst in laughter. Seeing him making a fuss over a soup was really something! And then there was that pink apron he was wearing! I only saw grandpa wearing it…
“Go away! Let me do it!”I gently pushed him asside as I took control over the kitchen. “This is why men should work on the field and women inside,”I mumbled as I tasted the balt soup.
I knew something was going to happen. From the moment I stepped outside the hospital’s building I knew something was definitely going to happen. And it did. But differently from what I had in mind…
I was reading a book outside in the garden when Taeyang suddenly appeared next to me, making me drop the book. “T-Taeyang! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work now?”
“Nope. I took my day off,”she showed a super shiny denture.
“Is that so?”I tried to go back to my book.
“You know what day is today?”he continued to bugg me.
I looked at him. In my head I knew that I had to take fatto’s measures again. “No.”
He smirked. “Is the day you and I go on a date,”he grabbed my hand and pulled me after him, not letting me refuse him. And after all, why would I do such a thing? I could clearly see envy in the other girls eyes as he held my hand while walking down the street towards the ice-cream shop. And why wouldn’t I be envied? He had the looks. He had the brain. Money in his bank account….everything was in his hand. And that hand was holding mine at the moment…
“Aish! Why did it has to rain right now?”I heard him mutter under his breath as we took cover under the roof of a lenjerie shop. I glanced at the lacy underwear and I felt my cheeks buring. Who would wear such a thing only to please a man?
A fat man passed by us, running with heavy steps towards the closest shop. I smiled. I was happy that Seung Hyun actually managed to…Oooo…It was like something snapped inside my head, making me realize the reality when it was a little…too late?
“Sorry,”I whispered in Taeyang’s ear as I kissed his cheek. And I darted out in the rain.
I ran like all Hell was chasing me.
I ran like there was some fire burning in my house.
I ran ‘coz I knew where I had to be…

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