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Chapter 27. About Flying

Ra Nae’s POV
I opened my eyes and looked at the floor. It was empty.
“Where did that fatto dissapear to?”I mumbled as I got off the bed. “Auch…my back!”
I felt the pain through every single bone of my body. The day I spend with GD at shopping had repercussions on my body… “Make-over my butt,”I hissed as I almost crawled outside the room, across the corridor, towards the kitchen. From the latter a delicious smell was calling me, making me move faster even though my body was protesting with every sudden move. “I swear I’ll never ever wear high heels again,”I muttered under my breath as I entered the kitchen.
That’s when I remained still, watching the scene. Grandpa was reading his newspaper as usual. Seung Hyun was chopping something while Hyun Seung was watching him closely, as if he was afraid that fatto will cut his finger if he leaves his side. GD and Taeyang were playing on the floor with the little dog Taeyang brought last evening, while Seungri and Daesung were watching everything from the table. The image was so complete. The perfect portrait of a happy family! And where exactly was I fitting in that picture?
“Oh! ‘Morning, Ra Nae!”Taeyang spotted me standing there and jumped on his feet. “How did you sleep?”he kissed my cheek.
“I snored like a T-Rex!”I waved my hand. I looked with interest at Seung Hyun’s posture:his whole body was shaking up. “What are you doing there, fatto? Want to add some meat in that salad?”
“I’m grating some carrots,”he turned around, holding the purple vegetable in his hand. “Something on my face?”
“Nope. Just wondering if you used my BB Cream,”I sat next to Daesung at the table, which was quickly pushed away by Taeyang. “Why did you do that for?”
“Did what?”he smirked.
“Why did you push Daesung away?”
“Because I wanted to sit next to you,”he pouted like a kid.
“Well, I don’t wanna sit next to you. Daesung, you can take my sit. I’m going to supervise fatto,”I stood and walked towards the cooking machine. “What are you cooking here?”
“English breakfast,”he answered, making me raise my eyebrow.
“And what’s the thing with the carrots?”
“Those are for me. I’m gonna slice them, boil them and them eat them with a piece of BBQ. Why?”
I looked at him and smiled. I was proud of him. Keeping up with the diet and not only. He changed. He changed to the extreme where I’m afraid that I will lose him.
“What?”he asked, looking with curiosity at me.
“Nothing,”I smiled as I styled my hair in a cute bun.
He continued doing his job while I was continuing my plan. I was going to pay a visit to Kirin Airlines. Choi Seung Hyun was ment to be up there, flying among the white and puffy clouds. His place was there, flying the airplanes in the sunset. His place was…away from me.
“Where are we going?”he asked for the nth time as we were waiting at the red traffic light in the cab.
“You’ll see,”I sighed. “And stop asking the same question over and over again, will you? My head spins because of the heat!”
I looked out the window. The sun was playing on my black cardigan, making the heat being unbearable. That’s why I hate the sun! It makes it difficult for me to think. It makes my right hand reach impossible temperatures…
“Are you ok?”he looked at me with curiosity.
“Oh! We’re here!”I jumped off from the cab. The building was entirely made of glass and the parking lot that was spreading from the main street, all the way to the building itself was huge. Somewhere in the distance, the huge airplanes could be seen waiting on the runways.
“What are we doing here, Ra Nae?”Seung Hyun cought my arm and pulled me back, stopping me from going further.
“We’re here for you.”
He glared at me and turned around, pulling me after him. “No, we’re not. We’re leaving this place. Right now!”he raised his rand to stop a cab.
“Seung Hyun…please!”I pleaded for the first time since we met. “Please…you have to do this in order to really heal.”
“Heal?”he turned to me and fixed me with eyes filled of madness. “Do I look ill to you or what? Do I maybe, look crazy to you? TELL ME!”he shook me.
A drop fell on my nose, making me look up. Where did those clouds came from? When did they covered the sun? When did they brought the shadow? The rain started to pour heavily over us. And we were standing there in the rain, not moving an inch. He was angry. Furious. I was crying. I was. Not that he observed or anything like that…
“Should I remind you of the contract that you signed?”I snapped back to my usual self.
He sighed. “This is pure torture…”
“I never said it was going to be easy,”I smirked as I led the way to Kirin Airline’s building.
That’s right, I never promised…

Grandpa Han’s POV
“Where were you? You’re all soaked! Go and change your clothes!”I scolded Ra Nae when she entered the kitchen with Seung Hyun, all drenched from head to toes. “Kids these days,”I mumbled as I left the kitchen after taking my cup of warm tea.
I was preparing to continue my Cehov novel when someone knocked at the door.
The door opened and Tempo entered. “Excuse me, can I have a word with you?”he asked.
“Of course you can! Please, take a sit. So, what’s the matter?”
He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck. “Uhmmm…can I…join the competition as well?”
I placed my cup of tea on the table and took few seconds to think before giving him an answer. “Are you interested in joining?”
“Are you interested in winning? No. Let me put it this way:do you love Ra Nae?”
He looked at me and then lowered his graze. “I like her.”
“There’s a big difference between liking and loving someone, I hope you know that. What are you going to do if you win? Will you marry her? Or will you leave and break her heart?”
“I will marry her,”he said on a serious tone.
“Really? Are you sure you won’t back away later on?”
“Yes, I’m sure.”
“Fine with me then,”I took my book. “But I have to tell you that Taeyang has already won two times, so your chances in winning over him aren’t that big. Only if you make Ra Nae like you and pick you over him. But I don’t see how that could be happening…”
“Thank you! I won’t dissapoint you!”he bowed and left the room.
“Oh, I know you won’t,”I smiled to my book as I continued reading the yellow page.

Ra Nae’s POV
Since the day I took him to Kirin Airlines’ building, I followed him around every time he left the house. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe he will return to his rightful place, in the sky.
Today was no different from the others days in which I ran after him, watching him from afar, hiding behind cars, hoping that he’ll at least go home and stop wondering around the city. This time I was in the cab, right behind the cab which he took.
“Kirin Airlines,”said the driver, waking me up from my day-dreaming.
“Excuse me?”
“The other cab stopped in front of that building,”he pointed the glass building that was across the street. “Do you get off here or you want me to wait?”
“No, I’m getting off,”I took out the money. “Thank you!”
The rain was falling down, washing the concrete from dust. I had no umbrella and no jacket. But still, I placed myself in front of the building and waited for him. I was going to tell him how happy I was for him. I was going to congratulate him for being strong enough to come back here. I was going to…admit defeat.
“What’s the meaning of fly?”asked suddenly a voice from near by.
I looked at his face. His eyes were brighter and even though he was not smiling, I could clearly see that he was happy. After all, this was his real place. His only place.
“To run away?”he asked once again.
“No. It means to save, to protect yourself from all the harm you did to yourself back then,”I turned and looked at the heavy rain that was falling over us. “It means to be able to raise yourself above everything else and above anyone else. It means healing. It means power. It means so many things…”
The rain was pouting continuously over us. And I made up my mind. I had so little time left…that I could not stop myself from thinking about it. Strange thing, before it never bothered me, but now, now I keep wondering. All my thoughts are beginning it an ‘What if…?’. And that insecure future is making me boil on the inside.
But I have to put up a powerful act, don’t I?
I turned to him. “Seung Hyun,”I called, making him turn his face to me. I placed my went and old hands on his warm cheeks. He was such a warm fellow! His skin was burning under my cold metal and his eyes were deep to drown in them . “Flying means that you get to survive. You get to get yourself up and get on with yourself no matter what yesterday threw at you or what tomorrow brings. Touching the horizon is not something that anyone can do…”
I stopped and took a deep breath. I had a million of butterflies in my stomach. But it was a must since there are no more second chances…
“And this is not how love should be confessed,”I mumbled before pression my lips against him.
I lost this time. I gave up.
I give up.
And I fell.
But the rain continued to fall down on me, drenching me even in the darkness that I fell into…

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