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Chapter 25. Of Talks And Secrets

Ra Nae’s POV
“Ra Nae, do you…like me?”
His question hit the barn’s walls and came right back to me, resonating inside of me with a strange sound. It was probably because my own heart speeded up its beats, echoing inside my chest as if I was empty on the inside. I looked at him all this time. I really did. But I don’t think I ever saw the real him. At first, I only saw the idol dressed in the black uniform of a pilot. Then, I saw the ruin he became…No, I never did saw the real him.
And the answer? What could I possible answer? Yes? No? I don’t know? What was the answer I could give?
“What are you asking there, Choi Seung Hyun?”I heard my own voice answering so cold and distant, as if his question insulted me.
“I-I…I wanted to know if you like…me?”he stuttered, suddenly not so confident.
“Of course I like you! What kind of question is that?”I looked over the engine’s plans so that I could avoid his graze.
“Y-you do?!”
I giggled at his shock. “Of course! Why else would I accept you in my house?”
“N-nothing! I just…I’m gonna kill GD,”I heard him mutter under his breath.
“What was that?”I answered, amused by his expression.
“Nothing! So, why are you repairing this piece of junk?”he tried to change the topic.
“YAH! It’s not a piece of junk, you know?”I gently caressed the cold metal. “I try to figure out what’s wrong with it. Why? Because I dream of the day when I’ll be flying with my own plane…”
I smiled at my own silliness. There was no point in dreaming about that kind of stuff, right? I mean, how could I possibly one day see the sky so close?
“That’s a beautiful dream, Ra Nae,”his voice woke me up from my dreaming. “I never thought you would like to be a pilot.”
“And I can see why,”I laughed.
“I’m sorry…”
“No problem,”I smiled at him while I signaled him to take a sit on the bench behind him. “Do you understand now why I did what I did to you until now?”
He stared at the floor. “Actually, no. I can’t understand you at all, Kim Ra Nae. I don’t understand why would a stranger want to help that badly someone who lost his dreams and his life…his everything,”he spoke, playing with the screwdriver. “You understood me better than I did myself in all these years. You tried to resurrect me.”
“Did I succeed?”
He looked at me. His smile was much more brighter than it was when I first saw him. “Actually, you did.”
“That’s good then,”I couldn’t help myself but to smile.
And we remained silent. He continued playing with the screwdriver in his hand and I looked at him. The answer was now clear. I, Kim Ra Nae, did not like him. No. I was in love with him to such an extend that I would gladly give everything to him, all of myself. But the answer had to remain a secret between me and my heart and never say it outloud. Why? Because it was going to be a burden to him and to his wife’s memory…
I blinked several times to hide the tears that blurred my vision. I had a mission:to make him be himself once again and to let him meet once again with the person that hurt him so badly. It was my desire to show him the truth. The choice was going to be his…that’s why my feelings were not important.
Not important…
“Yo! Rapunzel’s sister! Come here!”I called GD as I saw him getting out of the house at a strange hour.
He just ran away from me. What the heck?! It was five in the morning and he was running away from me?! So my guess was right after all, huh?
“YOU WAIT TILL I PUT MY HANDS ON YOU!”I yelled after him as I got on my bike and speeded towards him. “YAH! KWON JI YONG! YOU BETTER STAY ALIVE TILL I CATCH YOU ‘COZ I HAVE A WORD OR TWO TO TELL YOU!”I yelled again as I saw him crossing the street at full speed.
I followed him all the way to the other part of the city. We ended up both dead tired, on a hill full of peach-trees.
“So this is where you hide yourself, huh?”I panted as I threw the bike on the ground and sat next to him on the wet grass.
He nodded, keeping his eyes closed.
“Listen, GD,”I started as my graze moved towards the scenery under our feet, “you’re the one that told Seung Hyun that I like him, right?”
This time I didn’t have to look at him to know that he was nodding.
“Because is the truth!”he shoot up. “Isn’t it?”
I sighed. The whole city was unraveling under our feet. The view was breath-taking through its pure sparkles. It looked so perfect…just like a soap bubble, round and colored. So fragile like a dream at the beginning of the morning…
“It is,”I finally said. “But it has to remain a secret between me and you,”I turned to him.
“Why? You said you want to help him up! Why hide something like this from him?”GD snapped with a frown on his face. “This thing will help him heal much more faster. If you’re there and you love him, he will finally realize that there’s no point in clinging onto the past like he does!”
“Stop frowning or you’ll get wrinkles,”I gently poked his head between the eyebrows. “My love for him would do nothing else but to hurt him even deeper. It won’t help him with anything,”I sighed.
“GD, Seung Hyun knows something that you don’t know,”I searched for the photo in my pocket. “Here!”I passed him he pic.
He took it. The shock was…
“I-Isn’t this…?”
I nodded.
“B-but how? Isn’t she dead? She died! I know she did! We burned her body! She died in a plane crash! There was no way she could survive to the crash!”he looked at me like I was one crazy chick. “I know! It’s Photoshoped, right?”
“What’s that?”I asked him.
“It’s a program with which you can edit photos,’’he smiled.
“Idiot! What would the point be?”I laughed. “No, it’s not that. It’s the real thing.”
“B-but…how? From where did you get this?”he lowered his graze back on the pic.
I sighed. “By chance. I found it by chance.”
“Wait a lil’! So, what you are saying is that he knows about…this?”
“It’s the thing that made him accept the contract. He doesn’t know the whole truth, but he will as soon as the contract between us will end.”
I turned to him. “What?”
“No, you can’t tell him,”he gave me back the photo. “Even if she’s alive somewhere out there, you don’t have to tell him. You mustn’t! It will hurt him to learn about her lie. It will break him down once again. Please don’t tell him, Ra Nae! I don’t want to see him crawling on the ground once again.”
I breathe the morning air. So fresh and perfumed!
“He won’t,”I finally said.
“He won’t break down this time. Have a little faith in him, ok?”
He looked at the city that was waking up slowly. “Faith, huh?”
“Yes. Faith…”

Seung Hyun’s POV
She wasn’t home when I woked up.
She didn’t come home all day.
She left me.
She left me.
I sighed as I looked at the gate once more. A dog was barking somewhere not too far. It was late and she was still away. Did she left for good? Did she forget all about me? What about her grandpa? What about Pororo? What about the guys who were fighting for her hand in marriage?
But what about me?
I frowned as I looked at the cabbage in the bowl. She transformed me into a freakin'’ rabbit! She better take responsibility!
“For what she should take responsibility?”I asked myself as I took another bite of that tasteless cabbage.
For what…for my feelings, Damn it!
I threw the chopsticks on the table and enter the house. She was to blame for my frustration! She was to blame for my confused state! She was to blame for getting all soft when I see her! AISHHHHH! What was happening to me?!
“I can’t stand it anymore, grandpa!”Hyun Seung’s voice made me stop on my tracks. “I can’t stand those guys anymore! I want them all out! Ra Nae is not some kind of a prize! I want them all out! Including Tempo!”
“Hyun Seung,”grandpa Han’s voice was soft and calm.
“No! I no longer trust you, grandpa! Ra Nae is suffering because of that idiot of Tempo! She does everything in order to put him back on his feet! And I know that she’s suffering! She doesn’t have to tell me! And the others are just too…UGH! I hate them all! Ra Nae is not a toy! She’s my little sister!”

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