Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 23. Trusting The Weighter

Ra Nae’s POV
I panted as I stopped in front of the house. I was soaked! And the rain just wouldn’t stop…
I huffed and puffed as I entered the house.
“Oy, monster! Weren’t you supposed to be with…?”GD closed his book and looked at me over his glasses.
I glared. “Yeah, I was supposed to. By the way, since when I’m a toy?”I crossed my arms over my chest. “You guys should know that I‘m not playing this game of yours! And I’m not going to get married anytime soon either! So quit playing for me as a prize, ok?”
“Honey, you know why I’m here, so blame them, not me,”he shrugged. “By the way, Seung Hyun is…”
“Yeah, I heard that too. Thanks!”
I tip-toed towards my room. The door opened without any sound and I glanced inside. There were clothes scattered everywhere:on the floor, on the bed and the fatto…Seung Hyun was standing there in the middle of them, looking confused around him.
“I see you have a hard time picking your jogging outfit, huh?”I made my presence known as I stepped inside the room. “Too many clothes?”I picked up a pair of red boxers.
He quickly snached them away and frowned. “Where were you? I looked for you everywhere! Where did you dissapear to?”he questioned, having all kinds of funny expressions on his face.
“Why are you interested? Were you worrying about me?”
“No! You just promised that we go jogging together tonight,”he looked away at the mess he made. “So…what do we do now?”
I laughed and looked around as well. “How about we clean first? Then we’ll see,”I picked up another pair of underwear, this time it was mine. “YAH! Have you went through my closet?!”
“Take off your clothes,”I ordered as we entered the bathroom. “Oh stop giving me that scared look! I ain’t gonna rape you or anything like that! I’m not interested in your body,”I continued as I took out the black clipboard that had the chart. “Today please?”
I heard the t-shirt falling on the bathroom’s floor and I chuckled, imagining him all red.
“Really now…it’s not like I will get shocked by your body,”I said without taking my eyes from the chart. “I already saw you…naked,”I whispred the last part as I saw his upper body naked. It was…uhmmmm…toned? Actually, there was no more fat on his waist and his chocolate abs were…
“Can we hurry up, please?”he begged, staring at the white wall in front of him.
I looked at the weighter and I couldn’t believe my eyes the number I saw on the screen: 67 kilos!
“Are you ok?”I heard his voice.
“You look a little pale. Are you sur you didn’t catch a cold? After all, you did ran in the rain,”his fingers came in contact with my skin as he checked my temperature.
“What cold? Do you think we’re in some kind of drama here?”I rolled my eyes as I pushed his hand away. “You know…the scene where the girl is catching a cold after running through the rain and the guy takes care of her, ‘coz well, there are no hospitals in the drama!”
“You should talk about stuff like that with GD,”he chuckled. “He’s the expert when it comes to dramas! Are we finished here?”he took his t-shirt from the floor.
“Yeah…you can go now.”
I watched him leaving the bathroom. The door closed with a silent bang. I took a deep breath. He changed. I could feel it not only with what the weighter showed to me. He was slowly changing from inside too…was it time already? I sighed. Maybe. Maybe the story had to be said sooner than I expected. My story, my secret, my fear…I had to show him that I trust him. That was the hidden clause of the contract he signed. But how? How could I open my mouth and say those words when I myself, never said them outloud?
I entered my bedroom and fatto…no, Seung Hyun was there, picking up the clothes that remained on my bed.
“Sorry about them! I was looking for a t-shirt that wouldn’t look so big, but…ehhh, I think I need to…What’s wrong, monster?”he stopped his babbling and looked at my face.
“Seung Hyun…do you still want to know why I collapsed?”I asked, avoiding his eyes as I walked to my nightstand.
“Yeah. Why?”
“Because I’ve got a story. A long one. Do you want to hear it?” This time I looked him in the eyes as I sat on my bed. He silently nodded and took a place on his mattress, waiting for me to start. I looked down at the photo album I was holding on my knees. “Grandpa Han is not my real grandfather,”I sighed and looked at him. “I have no parents or siblings. I’m what you call ‘orphan’. I never met my family and I never wished to. I’m not really interested in why they left me when I was 2 years old…anyway, I was used to be on my own. I ran away from the orphanage when I was 10. From that moment onwards I took care of myself. I lived most of my life on the streets, selling gum at the corner of thos library where students were coming. I liked their uniforms, but what I liked the best was the smell of books. It’s the only memory I still hold dear,”I smiled softly. “I met grandpa Han one day in the park. He was feeding the birds and I liked himbecause he was warm. He was having this kind of aura to which I was immediately attracted to…I somehow managed to go to high school, but I failed misserably when it came to the final tests and I had to repeat the year. In my last year in high school it happened. The accident…”
And that was the moment when I remained silent. The words that were prepared to get out refused to exit from my mouth and I had to swallow all my ideas. In the end, it was a silent story that I sould not share with anybody.
“I trust you,”I said outloud, looking straight into his eyes.
“I trust you, Choi Seung Hyun.”
And it was like something snapped inside of me. A wall was destroyed…
“The accident occurred one evening as I was heading towards my apartment. I was hit by a truck and I…”I placed my left hand over the right hand. “And I lost my right arm right there and then.”
I looked at him. He was shocked. I would have been shocked too.
I sighed. If I started it, I should say the end of the story too, shouldn’t I?
I looked stright into his eyes. “What you saw back then in the kitchen, right before I passed out, that was electricity.”
“Electricity? I’m afraid I don’t…understand.”
“Electricity because I’m partly a cyborg.”

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